Posted by Adrianne Sterley

Summary Trustees Meeting Feb 7 2015

New trustees were welcomed to the committee and was issued a copy of the UMC trustee guidelines.
The trustees discussed the new 2015 trustee chairperson position and a viable candidate. A recommendation was before the committee. The trustees discussed the chairperson’s responsibilities and addressed any concerns of the position. A list of what the chairperson duties are was given to the candidate. The candidate will report back to the committee with their answer. Also, the trustees co-chair and secretary agreed to continue to hold their positions in 2015.
The trustees reviewed and discussed the meeting minutes from October 5, October 26 and November 2. A motion was approved to accept all the minutes submitted.
The trustees reviewed and discussed the basic responsibilities that are listed in the trustee UMC guidelines booklet. The trustees were also issued a copy of the Book of Discipline Board of Trustees overview.

  • For 2015, each trustee was assigned an area of responsibility of the church building and parsonage. Areas of responsibility are listed below.
    A. Custodian
    B. Interior of the Church
    C. Exterior of the Church
    D. Legal/Contractual Matters
    E. Parsonage
    F. Building Users

The 2014 annual parsonage inspection was performed in January 2015 by the Staff PPR chair and trustee secretary. It was reported to the trustees some of the issues of concern in the parsonage.

The trustees discussed several building maintenance and repair issues.

  • Regular maintenance of rodding the sewer drains in the parsonage should be performed annually.
  • Sherman church and the parsonage have been designated as a landmark and major structural changes to them would need to follow landmark procedures prior to any major building changes.
  • The parsonage and the church are in need of new windows. Further information and research would require additional discussions to determine how to address this project and how it could impact or not the landmark status.
  • Recent electrical issues in the sanctuary have been addressed.
  • First floor women¡¦s bathroom faucet runs slow and either needs to be repaired, replaced or determine if it is a different issue.
  • The lower level men¡¦s bathroom faucets need to be replaced.
  • The trustees received a copy of the current January 2015 NIC building insurance invoice. The insurance premiums are paid by the conference directly to the insurance provider and each individual UM church is invoiced by the conference for these charges. Upon renewal, the conference forwards each UM church a copy of the building insurance policy. Sherman’s copy is kept in the trustee’s file.

Shorefront has made a request to the trustee committee to have the play area removed to allow them to use the space to insert portable shelving units to store additional archive materials. Sherman has requested this to be provided in written form and a decision will be determined after further review. Shorefront would be responsible for all cost related to this project.

The trustees agree to hold a quarterly clean-up date for the spring. A date will be determined at the next trustee meeting.
A recommendation was made to hold a rummage sale. The trustees are in favor of this but sees this more as a fundraiser event and feels that it doesn’t fall under the area of trustees. It’s best that this type of event be lead and coordinated by a church member.
The next trustee meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 10:00am.

Respectfully submitted,
Trustee secretary