Library Highlights

April is National Poetry Month

Throughout the month of April, Sherman will be celebrating Poetry Month during the morning worship service.  There will also be displays of books of poetry from the church library and from the private collections of members.

Featured Poets:

Mays, Benjamin E. – God’s Minute

Hughes, Langston – As I Grew Older

Williamson, Marianne – Our Deepest Fear

Giovanni, Nikki – Ego Trippin’

Lift Every Voice

a suggested reading list in celebration of the opening of the

National Museum of African American History

Sherman United Methodist Church


Barrett Sisters., Nierenberg, G. T., Nierenberg, K., Smith, W. M. F., Dorsey, T. A., Campbell, D. B., . . . Ryko Filmworks (Firm). (2007). Say amen, somebody. New York, NY: Ryko Filmworks.  25th anniversary deluxe ed.  A documentary  that follows gospel singer Willie Mae Ford Smith from her home to jumping church services to emotionally galvanic singing convention. Also features Thomas A. Dorsey, her mentor and the man credited with inventing gospel music ; Delois Campbell Barrett,  the Barrett Sisters, and the O’Neal Twins.

Bracks, Lean’tin L., and Jessie Carney Smith. Black Women of the Harlem Renaissance Era. 2014. ” Profiles the most important figures of this cultural and intellectual movement. Highlighting the accomplishments of black women who sought to create positive change after the end of WWI, this reference work includes representatives not only from the literary scene but also activists, actresses, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, musicians, political leaders, and scholars.”*

Floyd-Thomas, Juan Marcial, and Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas. Liberating Black Church History: Making It Plain. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2014. “This book bears witness to the transformation of black faith and culture from enslavement and  emancipation, through segregation, civil rights, Black Power, and to the age of Barack Obama.”

“Nikki Giovanni: the Revolution is Now Streamlined.” The Chicago Defender. 

“Mr. President–Person of the Year” Ebony Collector’s Edition January 2009. The first print interview President Obama gave after the historic election with exclusive photos “which chronicles the rise of Barack Obama to one of the most powerful positions in the world.”*

Robinson, Morris. A Place We Can Call Our Home: The Emerging Evanston Black Community Circa, 1850-1930. 2013

(Some of these materials will be on display in the church

from September – December 2016)