Worship is a time of prayer, praise and reflection. It is also a time of celebration.

March is Women’s Herstory Month

March Women Herstory Highlights – We recognize the contributions of these groups of women for each week:

Business Owners Week of March 5th
*Maggie Lena Walker (1st Bank owner)
Marjorie Stewart Joyner (inventor of curling iron/Marcel wave)
Annie Malone (1st millionaires cosmetology products/school)
Sarah Breedlove (Madame CJ Walker)

Fighters Week of March 12th
*Ella Baker (Southern Christian Leadership Conference organizer)
Phillis Wheatley (poet abolitionist)
Ida B Wells-Barnett (lynching)
Florynce Kennedy (lawyer activist)

Miscellaneous/ League of Their Own Week of March 19th
*Henrietta Lacks (HeLa DNA cloner) Her DNA was collected illegally and it has immortal properties;
Isabel de Olvero (colonized New Mexico)
Lucy Parson (Haymarket riots)
Henriette Delille (Created Religious order)

Poets Week of March 26th
Audre Lorde (poet)
Lucy Terry Prince (1st poet in US)
Patricia Smith (poet)
Nikki Giovanni

February was Black History Month

  1. Black History Month speakerFebruary 19, Basil Clunie – “Africa and the Eighth Commandment:  A Christian Response”

Sherman recognizes—African Americans in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine

  • Bessie Blout Griffin physical therapist and inventor, created tools and devices that helped the physically disabled, particularly WWII veterans; partnered up with Thomas Edison’s son to do some of it. She also was a forensic scientist that trained at Scotland yard
  • Otis Boykin, Inventor
  • Shirley Jackson, physicist and inventor
  • Walter Braithwaite, engineer and president of Boeing


  1. Black History Month speaker – February 12, Morris (Dino) Robinson – “Owning Our Collective History”

Sherman recognizes –African-American Cowboys and Frontier Men and Women

  • Mary Fields, known as “Stagecoach Mary”
  • Nat Love, nicknamed “Deadwood Dick”
  • James Beckwourth, explorer, fur trapper, credited with the discovery of Beckwourth Pass, through the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Bass Reeves, first black U.S. Deputy Marshal


  1. February 5 – Rev. Dr. Barbara Morgan  “The Realm of the Kingdom”

Sherman recognizes—African Americans in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine

  • Norbert Rillieux, engineer and inventor
  • St. Elmo Brady, first African American to obtain a PhD in chemistry in the US from the University of Illinois
  • Aprille Ericcson, aerospace engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center